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Exhibit FIRST INDUSTRY WORKSHOP 2019 in SUTD(Singapore University of Technology and Design)

CM Engineering and CM Engineering Labs Singapore will exhibit FIRST INDUSTRY WORKSHOP 2019 in SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design).


Exhibition booth

Date 24th July 2019 9:30am – 17:30pm
Venue SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) campus
URL https://gradevents.sutd.edu.sg/first/
Exhibits Wireless Sensor Network System Platform (IoT Platform) Tele-Sentient
Details In this exhibition, we will introduce the wireless sensor network platform named "Tele-Sentient".
Tele-Sentient platform has many attractive features, such as low-power, sensor plug and play, and remote re-configurability, and enables quick development of IoT systems for various applications using a rich set of API functions. 
Our Tele-sentient technology roadmap will progressively enable autonomous, always-on sensing, for remote monitoring applications.
We will show the demonstration of Tele-Sentient system, explain our IoT experience
and expectations of collaboration with partners.


Panel Discussion on “Singapore 4.0: Research, Innovation and Enterprise for Humanity”

Date 24th July 2019 10:30am – 11.30am
URL https://gradevents.sutd.edu.sg/first/speaker/forum-panel-members/
Panel member from CME Atsushi Kawai (Managing Director of CM Engineering Co., Ltd.)
Biography Mr Atsushi Kawai has been engaged in computer systems and semiconductor devices development over 40 years. He had held the positions of Managing Director of Oki Techno Centre Singapore, and Oki Network LSI co, Japan. Currently, as Managing Director of CM Engineering Co, Japan, he oversees System LSI design services, wireless technologies development and related businesses. His recent interest is in IoT/WSN technologies, and new computing system paradigm, unifying sensor/measurement and simulation/forecasting technologies.


CM Engineering will join this exhibition as PREFERRED PARTNER and introduce our IoT platform and research & Development.

We are looking for business partners to leverage our Tele-Sentient platform and Wireless powered embedded sensors , for industrial, asset and infrastructure monitoring applications. 
Please get in touch with us.



CM Engineering Co., Ltd.


CM Engineering Labs Singapore Pte Ltd.


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