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Research & Development

Our research and development

Followings are our technologies.

Wireless Communication
 RFIC (Tx, Rx)
 Base Band (PHY, MAC, Network Protocol)
Analog Circuit
 PMIC (LDO, DC-DC, energy harvester)
 Sensor AFE (Wireless sensor, Lock-in amp, Instrument amp)
Chip Design
 Mixed Signal chip integration
 Microprocessor oriented chip design

We will provide the sensor and wireless IP.

RFIC for wireless communication

We have a technologies for developing Sub-GHz RFIC.


Non destructive sensing with embedded or integrated RF sensors

We will develop passive RF sensing system with embedded sensors.
In the future, sensors will be integrated with everything like wall, office desk, bridge, soil, etc.
Non destructive sensing without being conscious will be possible with these technologies.



We would like to influence the future society based on core technologies.
If you are interested in our technologies and empathize with our development, please contact us.


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