CM Engineering Labs Singapore Pte Ltd A sincere heart, And to work happily,Be challenge boldly, Leads to customer satisfaction

CM Engineering Labs Singapore was established as the research and development center of CM Engineering group.

We have an advanced expertise of RFIC and Analog circuit design and will provide the core technologies and semiconductor chips implementation for CME group.

We expect to proceed joint technology and business development with R&D organizations and companies in Singapore and southeast countries.

These activities have the great potential to change the society

Our aim is to influence the future society with our wireless sensor technologies.

We envisage a future in which multitude of sensors are invisibly and calmly installed in our society, in a ubiquitous sensor network, watching every day to protect and support us in our lives.

Key technologies that will create this future are, autonomous sensors, self-organizing wireless networks, and systems that harness collective intelligence of the sensors to enable context and awareness.

CM Engineering Labs Singapore will develop sensor and wireless IP that will enable such cognitive sensor networks.